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Socially Distanced Offerings

Digital and in-person workshops available now

Throughout COVID we’ve been providing online workshops for schools both in the UK and Internationally and it has been amazing to get to see all the great work you’ve been up to in lockdown.  We have experienced practitioners ready and excited to welcome your students into a LET Zoom classroom, and we can adapt these workshops to suit all forms of online and in person socially-distanced learning so get in touch with our education team to make a booking that meets your school’s policy for September! 


International schools:
Digital workshops

We’ve never been able to offer our workshops to international communities before, but we are now! Using digital teaching platforms, we are able to spread the Les Enfants Terribles creative energy regardless of geography. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from schools from all over the world! Contact to speak to our education team. 


Found Puppetry:
Digital or In-person workshops

A great way for students to work individually and creatively is through found puppetry. Working with recycled household materials, an experienced practitioner will excite and entertain your students while teaching them the foundations of design, animation and puppet manipulation. Easily sourced objects can be animated to life and spark the creativity and playfulness that students desire from drama lessons without the need to come into physical contact with one another. This workshop can be adapted to be delivered in person or via a digital platform. Contact to speak to our education team. 


School plays and set texts:
Digital or In-person workshops

If your school is looking to do a Les Enfants Terribles play next year, why not book a digital workshop with our team? We can call into your digital teaching platform and unpack the play and the characters with your students, as well as run some practical exercises to help your students get ready to engage with the play and answer all of their (or your) questions! Contact to speak to our education team. 


Immersive Theatre:
Digital workshops

If your students are studying immersive theatre, we are offering a digital seminar with one of our immersive practitioners. Aimed at GCSE or A Level students, we can call into your digital teaching platform and deliver a seminar as well as answering all of their questions about this exciting way of working. This seminar will help stimulate their ideas so that they are ready to hit the ground running next academic year. Contact to speak to our education team. 


Teacher CPD:
Digital workshops

If you’re looking for creative ways to keep your professional learning up to date, we’d love to hear from you! Whether you’d like a one to one session with a member of our team to develop your ideas for using puppetry in your school play, or maybe some fun new ideas to use in your classroom, or anything else you think we can support you with, we’re here to help. Contact to speak to our education team.

Education and Outreach Programme


Les Enfants Terribles are committed to inspiring, nurturing and supporting upcoming theatre makers and performers through our Education Programmes. Whether you’re a student, teacher, emerging creative or professional, we want to share our experience, knowledge and practice to help you generate ideas and skills.

With each school booking, you will have access to our thorough and targeted resource pack dedicated to the exam board of your choice. By choosing Les Enfants Terribles, you will have a dedicated specialist work with your school, enabling you to select a workshop that is bespoke to the needs and abilities of your students.

2 hour workshop with a Les Enfants Terribles Practitioner at your school – from £297.00 + VAT 

4 hour workshop with a Les Enfants Terribles Practitioner at your school –  from £485.00 + VAT 

Full Day workshop with a Les Enfants Terribles Practitioner at your school – from £589.00 + VAT 

Workshops calculated on a class of 20 students to 1 facilitator. Prices may vary depending on class size & travel costs. 


Why not try our NEW…

Devising for Immersive Theatre Workshop!

A workshop for students that aims to explore how you might utilise a stimulus to devise and develop a piece of immersive theatre.

The workshop will explore the ingredients of immersive theatre and the necessary steps involved in adapting the stimulus material at the heart of your narrative. From considering how the time period of the stimulus will inform the design aesthetic to developing dialogue, journey plans, and understanding how to weave recognisable characters into a dramatic and engaging narrative, you’ll work on a project pitch with the guidance of Les Enfants Terribles; specialists to develop an experience for the audience that they’ll remember for a long time to come.


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