United Queendom

An English mistress. A foreign queen. A difficult balance.

Roles chosen by their king, but women who chose not to be defined by them.

In collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces, United Queendom is the incredible true story of two powerful women overlooked and forgotten by history; the smart and intelligent Queen Caroline and the enigmatic and passionate Lady Henrietta Howard.

This immersive show was the first of its kind, taking place within Kensington Palace’s magnificent State Apartments, once the actual home to both women.

We invited our audience to delve into the 18th-century world of political intrigue, court games, high drama and scandalous gossip as we presented two different perspectives (as two separate routes through the show) on the story of these brilliant women who might have otherwise been lost in the shadow of their king. With modern twists throughout, this limited theatrical run explored how Queen Caroline and Lady Henrietta Howard made their own mark on their world and ours.




28th February - 30th March

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"Site-specific theatre at its most resonant"

"Georgian finery with a neon edge"

"Spine-tingling theatre!"


"A 24 carat grab your tiara, wig and wimple super hit"


"Hilarious court mischief"

The Spy in the Stalls

"Richly absorbing and fascinating experience"


"Lots of naughtiness and heaps of humour"

"Remarkably clever"

Musical Theatre Musings

"Intriguing, enjoyable immersion in Georgian court intrigue"

"Bold aesthetic to make a memorable event"