The Vaudevillains

Welcome to The Empire music hall for a night you’ll never forget. But tonight’s show will be a little different as the club’s owner has fallen victim to a murder most foul… but whodunnit?

Could it be nervy knife thrower Ray the Blade; sexy Siamese Striplets; The Cerberus Sisters; deranged ventriloquist Albert Frog; macabre mime artist Gaston Gasteau; or perhaps the mystifying magician – The Great Mephisto… Everyone’s a suspect as we discover the secrets of all the weird and wonderful acts who have found themselves upon The Empire’s bill.

One of our favourite productions which returned in 2016 to celebrate our 15th anniversary as a theatre company. Embodying all the key Les Enfants Terribles characteristics, The Vaudevillains is a dark and twisted musical extravaganza that’ll have you jumping in your seat.


The Lowry, Manchester

14 - 16 April 2011

Charing Cross Theatre

18 Apr - 14 May 2011

Edinburgh Fringe

04 - 28 Aug 2016

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The Vaudevillains is now available to license for schools. This rip-roaring musical show can be adapted for different-sized casts and is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something a little bit different.