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The Les and Franz Institute for the Divergent Cognitive Behavioral Experience has poured years of research into the phenomenon of lucid dreaming, undertaking hundreds of tests over the past three decades. And now, they are ready to announce their latest invention in inner-brain space atomism:


The PRISM has been created to harness the unique power of lucid dreaming; being aware that you are dreaming and therefore being able to control outcomes, make choices, to turn bad dreams into fantasies…or make them worse.

Prepare to be taken through an on-screen out-of-this-world journey, inspired by ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books and LET’s vast experience in creating multi-layered and varied immersive theatre.

With almost 100 creative collaborators and counting from across the UK…

The world of The PRISM changes according to how you choose to explore it.

Every question you answer, every decision you make, will lead you down a different path.

No two journeys will be the same.

Are you ready to enter The PRISM?

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Oliver Lansley
Anthony Spargo

Alex Vymeris
Angela Doran
Awk The Clown
Beatris Mori
Ben Watson
Bethany Taylor
Carmen Aquelladas
Casper Douglas
Charlie Wood
Charly Faye
Chloe Doherty
Duncan Cameron
Ellie Walker
Emma Brunet
Emma Howarth
Emma Zadow
Georgia Farrar Lavinia Corrigan
Gill Vymeris
Harris Doran
Jack Dorning
Jack Nicholls
James Crawley
Jared Cordner
Jo Elizabeth May
Joanna Vymeris
Julie Burrow
Kate Mechedou
Kris Saunders
Lia Baron
Lindsay Pierce
Luke Chadwick-Jones
Malik Ibheis
Marah Stafford
Matt Reeve
Maya Doran
Nicholas Hart
Oliver Britten
Paddy Milkhead
Phoebe Hyder
Ramsey Doran
Richard Holt
Roberta Petraccone
Robyn Faye
Sam Hoye
Samuel Murphy
Sarah Thomas-Lane
Sebastian Angelique
Serena Doran
Sophie Kisilevsky
Tish Walker
Tom Gisby
Zia Lester

Alexander Grieve
Joseph Harvey-Whyte
Liam McDermott
Lorna Wheele
Lucy Abraham
Nina Dunn

Alexander Wolfe
Christo Squier
Cornelia Todd
Dusty Limits
Lia Todd
Michael Roulston
Rebecca Lewis
Reid Willis
Sally Mason

Adam Jones
Andrew Vymeris
Ben Cooper
Camilla Mason
Christopher Biernacki
Chuck Douglas
Dean Saunders-Stowe
Harry Ayers
Rah Petherbridge
Roberto Petraccone
Sophie Bradley
William Heard

Christine Cordner
Connie Dent
Faridagh Wedar
Rah Petherbridge
Simonettta D'Ambrosio

Christa Harris
Amy Barder
Chloe Pritchard
Mr. Punchy

James Seager
Oli Lansley
Anthony Spargo
Fiona Porritt
Sofi Berenger
Oran Doyle
Sinead O'Callaghan
Gail Harland
Ross Chandler
Ania Kapsza
Larissa Nugroho