The Home Secretary, The Foreign Secretary and the Lord Chamberlain have all been found hanging in their own chambers. Each victim died on their birthday, and on that day had received a card with a mysterious quote written in it. But what does this mean? Where’s Sherlock? And what will you do next with 75 minutes left to solve the case before the murderer strikes again?

Les Enfants Terribles present a pioneering new immersive adventure – but this time it’s online. Using their unique experience of creating innovative live immersive shows, the company adapts to bring an online whodunnit including live performance, immersive 360 technology and over 100 clues to discover. 

Don the deerstalker and become Baker Street’s finest detective. Travel back to Victorian London and delve into the world of Sherlock Holmes, using your powers of deduction to solve the case before time runs out.

As the newest recruits of Scotland Yard, follow in the footsteps of the great detective himself. Make your own deductions by interviewing suspects, reading reports, searching for hidden clues, researching old facts in this online free roaming, multi-sensory and intricate world.

The perfect experience to entertain your household, or bring friends together remotely on different screens to work together to crack the case.



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Sarah Crompton – What’s On Stage ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  

“Slick story-telling… pure pleasure, an escapist entertainment”

Arifa Akbar – The Guardian ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
“As a game, it is best for those with a love of Sherlock Holmes and a mind for sleuthing. As an experience, we have a ball”

 Ryan Van Champion – A Younger Theatre ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  

“A unique opportunity to completely lose yourself for a little over an hour and live out a dark and twisted mystery with the original king of sleuthing. Outstanding.”  



Harriet Harper:
Amy Adele

Gwendoline Grey:
Miranda Heath

Sherlock Holmes:
Richard Holt

Margaret Cartwright:
Yasmin Keita

Theodore Stenning:
James Marlowe

Myrtle Dockett:
Michelle Moran

Walter Erwin:
Oliver Tinley

Dr Watson:
For the full cast list of our team of Watsons, head to


Oliver Lansley & Anthony Spargo

Oliver Lansley & James Seager

Composer & Sound Designer:
Alistair Lax

Set & Costume Designer:
Samuel Wyer

App Creators:

Production & General Manager:
Sofi Berenger

Additional Writing Content creator:
Fiona Porritt

Les Enfants Terribles


Rowena Peck

Chloe Pritchard-Gordon & Laura Myers

Website Designers:
Gail Harland & Sofi Berenger

Logo Designer & Animation:
Gail Harland

Graphic Designer:
Guillaume Doussin

Production Photography:
Rah Petherbridge Photography


Les Enfants Terribles:
Artistic Director: Oliver Lansley
Creative Director: James Seager
Executive Director: Harriet Usher
General Manager: Sofi Berenger
Assistant Creative Producer: Fiona Porritt
Digital Content & Communications Officer: Gail Harland
Education & Outreach Officer: Sinead O’Callaghan
Finance & Company Administrator: Ross Chandler
Production Assistant: Emily Thomas


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