Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure

The Home Secretary, The Foreign Secretary and the Lord Chamberlain have all been found hanging in their own chambers. Each victim died on their birthday, and on that day had received a card with a mysterious quote written in it. But what does this mean? Where’s Sherlock? And what will you do next with 75 minutes left to solve the case before the murderer strikes again?

Les Enfants Terribles present a pioneering new immersive adventure – but this time it’s online. Using their unique experience of creating innovative live immersive shows, the company adapts to bring an online whodunnit including live performance, immersive 360 technology and over 100 clues to discover.

Don the deerstalker and become Baker Street’s finest detective. Travel back to Victorian London and delve into the world of Sherlock Holmes, using your powers of deduction to solve the case before time runs out.

As the newest recruits of Scotland Yard, follow in the footsteps of the great detective himself. Make your own deductions by interviewing suspects, reading reports, searching for hidden clues, researching old facts in this online free-roaming, multi-sensory and intricate world.

The perfect experience to entertain your household, or bring friends together remotely on different screens to work together to crack the case.

If you’re based in Taiwan, you can now book the online experience through NTCH. Follow this link to snap up your tickets.


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"Slick, diverting and not remotely elementary"

"It's great fun, has an eye for detail, and is a cut above some of the online experiences"

Lyn Gardner

"This little gem will lift your spirts"


"Gripping and suspenseful"


"Every element has been slickly put together"

"Immersive theatre connoisseurs Les Enfants Terribles have accessed their innovative streak once more"


"Pure pleasure, an escapist entertainment"


"The experience was so immersive that I clean forgot it was 2021"

"Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure - The Case of the Hung Parliament sets a benchmark for any future interactive theatre experiences"

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