Girl meets boy, Girl leaves boy, Girl doesn’t have sex for eleven months, Girl gets pregnant, Girl meets Angel, Girl meets Fallen Angel, Girl ponders fate of unborn child.

You’re young, free and single and haven’t had sex for the last eleven and a half months, then one morning you wake up pregnant and to make matters worse the Angel Gabriel is on your doorstep claiming parentage!

This is the situation our young heroine finds herself in, which is unexpected to say the least, considering that as a part-time mistress, she isn’t exactly ‘the Virgin Mary’. To make matters worse her highly strung boyfriend Michael turns up, blind with panic, convinced that the child is his, closely followed by Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, who is adamant the unborn baby belongs to him!

So how does the modern woman cope with immaculate conception? Would the Second Coming be the saviour of mankind or simply the saviour of the religious establishment? And how on earth do you tell the son of God that if he doesn’t do his homework he’ll amount to nothing?



2nd March - 20th May 2006

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Immaculate is now available to be licensed by schools and is perfect for a smaller ensemble cast to try their hand at some dark humour.