Ernest and the Pale Moon

Inspired by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock, ‘Ernest and the Pale Moon’ is a spinechilling tale of obsession and murder based upon a short story by Oliver Lansley about a man who spends his days watching the beautiful young woman who lives in the apartment block opposite.

Upon seeing her with another man he is thrown into a jealous rage and driven to murder, though all is not what it may at first seem and slowly Ernest’s guilt sends him on a spiralling descent into madness.

The show is co-produced with Pins and Needles Productions.

Originally directed by Emma Earle

Redirected by James Seager



3rd August - 24th August, Edinburgh


25th - 26th August


7th April - 25th August

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"Beautifully choreographed storytelling that you sit mouth-agog at the sheer spectacle of it all"


"This really is a tremendous show from a very confident and inventive young company,. tightly scripted, beautifully staged and inventively realised"

Fringe Review

"The most visually memorable night’s theatre your reviewer has experienced this year"

York Press

"Oliver Lansley has created another theatrical masterpiece of dark undertones, creepy characters and where silences speak volumes…"


"Gripping from its first discordant second until its final glint of moonlight realisation"


"Visually, this is a wonderful piece of storytelling"


"A gloriously gothic production about obsession, from razor-sharp theatre group Les Enfants Terribles"


"A deliciously creepy thriller"

"The work of a company very adept at showing how physicalised story-telling is at the heart of some of the best theatre around"

(Must See Show)