Alice’s Adventures Underground 2015 – 2020

Fall down the rabbit hole with Olivier Award nominated Alice’s Adventures Underground.

“There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of Wonder, Mystery and Danger”

  • Lewis Carroll, 1865

Following the Olivier Award nomination of the initial run in 2015, Les Enfants Terribles brought Alice’s Adventures Underground back to London for another hugely successful run in 2017, then over to Shanghai for a two-year run in China.

It is an immersive show like no other, with a narrative at its core, showcasing puppetry, aerial, music and spectacle like you’ve never experienced before. Back to celebrate our 20th year as a theatre, you can explore Wonderland for yourself in our upcoming tenure at Labyrinth Waterloo, open from March 2023.


2015 & 2017

The Vaults, London

2018 - 2020

Shanghai, China

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"Extraordinarily unique"


"An intoxicating world which is a delight to explore"

"A truly unique theatrical experience"

"This is escapism at its very best"

Creative Team 2015 - 2020

Oliver Lansley & James Seager
Oliver Lansley & Anthony Spargo
Writers & Adaption
Sam Wyer
Tomas Gisby
Les Enfants Terribles, Emma Brunjes Productions with Creature of London