Education & Amateur Licenses

We’re so pleased that our productions are popular with schools around the world and we hope they provide a valuable teaching tool for educators and facilitators to train puppetry techniques, use live music and encourage their students to get creative. Each production offers a variety of characters with opportunities for performers to try their hand at a range of different styles.

All our licensing agreements come with a suite of options to enhance your production with exclusive material from the creatives behind the original production.

Shows available for licensing

4 total (originally 2m 2f)

1 hr

Inspired by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock, Ernest and the Pale Moon is a spine-chilling tale of obsession and murder based upon a short story by Oliver Lansley about a man who spends his days watching the beautiful young woman who lives in the apartment block opposite. Upon seeing her with another man he is thrown into a jealous rage and driven to murder, though all is not what it may at first seem and slowly Ernest’s guilt sends him on a spiralling descent into madness.