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Photo: Oliver Lansley (LET Artistic Director), James Seager (LET Producer), Caleb Obediah (LET Bursary recipient, RADA) & Edward Kemp (Director of RADA)


Les Enfants Terribles and RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) are proud to announce the inaugural recipient of The LET Bursary, Caleb Obediah.

Caleb is a second year BA Acting student who will graduate in 2020. Les Enfants Terribles are also proud to announce that Arinzé Kene has committed to being Caleb’s mentor throughout his time at drama school as part of the LET Bursary.

Caleb will receive a maintenance grant towards his living costs whilst training at RADA.


In Association with RADA

Every year, we are committed to supporting a talented individual from a low income background for the three years of training with a subsistence grant of £4,500. The winning recipient will receive the bursary, which will help them with the costs associated with training on a full-time professional acting course.

The LET Bursary is an on going annual scheme, we’d like to say a huge thank you to those who have already donated. Help us make art accessible to all by donating to enable more individuals afford to pursue their dreams.

“With the gulf between richer and poorer growing ever wider in our society and the cost of drama schools having risen to over £9000 a year (Not to mention living costs) it is becoming increasingly hard for young people of a less affluent background to be able to pursue their dreams of working in the arts… We are very honoured to be working in conjunction with RADA one of the most successful and well-respected conservatoire drama schools in the UK on this project.” – Oliver Lansley (Artistic Director)


If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please email: or click the PayPal button below


As part of the LET Bursary, we are also offering to pay for the RADA audition fees of young students wishing to complete a BA (HONS) or Foundation Course in Acting.

If you’re a teacher that has a student who you think would particularly benefit from having their audition fee paid for them, please contact us at with one or two short sentences about the nominee and why they would benefit from the assistance. Please note that deadlines for the 2018 RADA applications range from 17th January till 23rd February, with audition spaces booking up fast.




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The LET Award 2019


In collaboration with Greenwich Theatre, we are delighted to announce the winners of of our two prizes; the LET Award 2019 goes to Perhaps Contraption for their performance ‘A Description of Nature’, and the winner of the Greenwich Partnership Award 2019 goes to Dead Rabbits Theatre for their performance ‘My Love Lies Frozen in the Ice’! Both companies will be heading to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this coming August, each performing shows in The Pleasance Theatre.


Both prizes offer:

>   A guaranteed performance slot in The Pleasance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019.

>   A cash injection of £1,000.

>   Industry mentoring.


“It has been an amazing journey since starting the LET Award in 2012 meeting all these remarkable and exciting new artists and seeing where their creative journeys have taken them since. It has been a thrill and a privilege to see the work of and even to collaborate with many previous winners and nominees as peers on various projects.  

There are so many really exciting young companies working today whom I first encountered through the award’s showcase and I hope that the award continues to give new artists making original work the boost they need to get something made and get something seen.

I look forward to enjoying much more of this work in the years ahead.”

 – Oliver Lansley, Artistic Director, Les Enfants Terribles


Deadline for applications is Sunday 20th January 2019 at 5pm.

To apply for the LET Award, please download the following PDF and thoroughly read the entry specifications. Please then click on the link below and fill out the online application form.





The LET Award 2018 

We’re delighted to announce the LET Award winners Wildcard Theatre!

Their show ‘Electrolyte’ will run from the 1st-27th of August at QueenDome, Pleasance.



We’re also delighted to announce the Greenwich Partnership Award winners Incognito Theatre!


In collaboration with Greenwich Theatre, we are delighted to be able to offer two prizes; the LET Award and the Greenwich Partnership Award.

Past Winners


The Stepladder Award 2018 

In Partnership with house and The Other Richard

We’re delighted to announce the Stepladder Award winners Wildcard Theatre!

Their show ‘Electrolyte’ will run from the 1st-27th of August at QueenDome, Pleasance.


“This year has put us in a complicated position having seen so many wonderful shows, however there is one show that has really risen to the top and I think based on the plaudits it has received, anyone who has seen it will agree it deserves a fuller life and the company behind it would really benefit from a guiding hand to help them make the most of this opportunity.

This is precisely what the Stepladder Award has been created to do and so we have made the decision to award this years Stepladder Award to Wildcard Theatre’s ‘Electrolyte’.

The stepladder award was established to help companies at the level of previous LET award winners take the next step. Wildcard have hugely delivered this year and this excellent young company are really on the cusp of something. We feel they would really benefit from the mentorship and support of Les Enfants to step up and take this show and their company to the next level at this key time.”

– Oliver Lansley, Artistic Director, Les Enfants Terribles 


The Prize 

-> Mentoring from Les Enfants Terribles centred around developing funding applications for an Autumn 2019 tour, tour planning and delivery, and company development. 

-> Guidance from house in booking an Autumn 2019 tour of your production. 

-> Your show filmed and photographed by The Other Richard at the fringe: including a set of production photography, a three camera show recording and an edited trailer. 

-> A programme of industry mentoring. 

 Check out our partners: 


You can check out last year’s winner ThisEgg here. 

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