Brand Activations

For us at Les Enfants Terribles, a brand activation event should be exciting, bespoke and packed with unique experiential touchpoints. The story is always at the forefront of our experiences and we’re dedicated to creating an event that reflects your brand’s individuality.

To date, we’ve collaborated with a diverse range of brands throughout the cultural & corporate sectors in the UK, Europe and globally and have reached over 56 million people on social media, received 2.5 million views online and helped raise over one million pounds for charity.

Examples of our work

Gallery of previous events

It truly was one of the most phenomenal press evenings I have attended – fantastically creative!

I go to so many of these events and launches and they all blend into one and I tend to pop in and pop out, but last night was different because there was so much to watch.

I have been to a lot of product launches and events and my colleagues and I all agreed that this was really one of the best.

Need help bringing an event to life?

We work with brands and creative agencies around the world to create bespoke experiences that are not easily forgotten.

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